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Base Boards

Seal Packaging Code: SW041

Seal Packaging Code: SW041

Product Information

• Creates a firm base for many uses

• Made from food grade material

• Any size or shape can be produced

• Protects the product

• Bespoke sizes produced to order

• Printed boards also available

• Enhances packed food products

• Works with Snappy®  Bags and Snack Wrap Sealer

Seal Packaging ‘Base Boards’ are produced in high grade food board and are designed to support many food products.

We offer a stock line (SW041) but produce many millions of boards to customer sizes. We also offer different styles some with rounded corners, some square cut, but also shaped boards which can also include creases to form base and side panels.

We can supply many different types of material including special coatings such as grease resistance, PE and PLA.

Included in this range are ‘End Caps’, a new product to hold the corners of sandwiches when placed into bags (minimum volumes required).

75x190mm White Boards