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Seal Packaging offer a range of bespoke products for the catering outlet.

Customers own branding is a popular addition to many of our lines, whether its to increase awareness of the brand or to promote other products available in the outlet, bespoke printing will increase sales.

Bespoke Services

• Printed bags  

• Printed Boards

• Waxed Paper Sheets

• Specialist Papers

• Grease Resistant Sheets

• Printed Sheets Film / Paper

• PE and Polyprop coated boards

• Block bottom/Titan bags

• Cut & Creased boards/carton

• Ovenable Boards

• Nature Flex / Cellophane Films

• Many other lines

Not only can we produce our stock lines printed with whatever print is required, we can also offer our products in different sizes and styles which may suit your customers profile better.

The specialist coated papers and boards can be used to produce the simplest of sheets or food boards, but can also be used in the manufacture of various styles of bags and folded carton products.

Whatever you need, call and we will try to accommodate your requirements?

We can use specialist materials including Waxed, Bleached or Grease Resistant coated papers, and Grease Resistant, Waxed, PE, Polyprop, and Foil coated boards.

However, we don’t limit ourselves to the supply of these types of products. We also source any product linked to the catering industry, from packaging, front of house, to the production facility and all points in between.