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Caterpack ‘L Bar’ Sealer - Seal Packaging Code: JA001

Caterpack ‘L Bar’ Sealer - Seal Packaging Code: JA001

Product Information

Seal Packaging – Caterpack ‘L Bar’ Sealer

The Seal Packaging ‘Caterpack ‘L Bar’ Sealer’ is the perfect option for the busy sandwich/baguette producer and also for the baker or café which plates up food to display on a counter.

This versatile table top machine takes up to a 14”/350mm wide centre fold film and will ensure an increase in production where bags are normally used.

Its simple to operate with a single action, pulling down the sealing arm, seals and trims the film ensuring the product packed is in an airtight package to increase shelf life.

Medium to High volume sandwich and baguette producers also benefit from increased production levels and competitively priced centre fold film.

We offer Multiperf film specifically for bakers who need to pack hot bread and rolls in a medium to high volume production facility.