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Piping Bags

Seal Packaging – Piping Bags

Seal Packaging – Piping Bags

Product Information

• Strong but flexible

• Supplied conveniently on a roll

• Can be used with metal cones

• Hygienic

• Made from 300 gauge Polythene

• Two colours in stock

• None slip

• 21” in length

Seal Packaging ‘Piping Bags’ are produced in high quality 300 gauge polythene to withstand the pressures of a modern caterer. They come in blue and clear and are 21” in length. Packed conveniently on a roll you simply tear off one bag and cut the end to correct size hole required. They can be used with piping cones or you can cut a pattern in the bags which can be used for fancy/decorative piping for that professional look. Whether it’s for icing cakes or piping creamed potato this is the perfect product.

Ultra none slip bags are also available on request, subject to minimum orders.

Clear 11”x 21” Disposable Piping Bags
Blue 11” x 21” Disposable Piping Bags