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Sandwich Wraps

Seal Packaging – Sandwich Wraps

Seal Packaging – Sandwich Wraps

Product Information

• Increased product presentation

• Increase sandwich sales

• Fully Biodegradable packaging

• Extended product freshness

• Hygienic airtight packaging

• Tamper evident

• Range of stock sizes

• Bespoke/personalised prints available

The Seal Packaging Sandwich Wrap system consist of a sealing machine we call the ‘Puppy Heat Sealer’ working in conjunction with the Seal Packaging ‘Sandwich Wraps’.

Sandwich Wraps are produced using food grade board and biodegradable cellophane pre joined.

A special coating on the outside of the board forms a seal with the cellophane when heated. When the board and cellophane meet an airtight seal is formed, as shown in the video below.

The Puppy sealer used to seal the Sandwich wraps is of a sturdy construction and with its Teflon plate is designed to perform for many years. In addition, with its petit size is convenient in areas of minimum space.

This unique product has been in the market for many years but with the recent trend towards biodegradable packaging there are few alternatives which are as competitively priced as the Sandwich Wrap.

Because of the material used this product is fully biodegradable, and also is simple to dispose of once used. The space required to store this product is also far less than the equivalent hinged sandwich wedge. In addition, the cost is a quarter of a heat seal sandwich wedge produced in board.

Puppy Heat Sealer

Sandwich Wraps

Sandwich Wraps

Sandwich Wraps

Plain medium sandwich wraps
Plain Triple sandwich wraps
Freshly made medium sandwich wraps
Single plain sandwich wraps
Medium standard sandwich wraps