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Snappy® Toastie Bags

Seal Packaging Code: DA050

Seal Packaging Code: DA050

Product Information

• Produced in natural Cellophane

• For use in Infra-red grills

• Holds the product

• Reduces mess

• Made from food grade material

• Easily allows removal of product

• Simple low cost item

• Reduces time cleaning equipment

The Seal Packaging ‘Snappy® toastie bag’ has always been a firm favourite with our customers. Produced in natural uncoated cellophane (325P), this simple product can save hours of cleaning by holding the toasted sandwich while cooking. The product is then removed from the Snappy® Toastie bag and the grill stays clean.

For use with Infra-red grills.

155x180mm Snappy® Toastie Bags